How Perspective Can Change Your Point of View

How the smallest change in perspective can change your life. How is your current perspective holding you back? How to change your perspective so you can have the life and career of your dreams. 

It’s All About Your Perspective, It Can Change Your Point of View

“The Smallest Change in Perspective Can Transform a Life. What a Tiny Attitude Adjustment Might Turn Your World Around?” -- Oprah Winfrey

Think about that for a moment. What perspective, point of view are you holding? 

How is it affecting your world? How is that perspective affecting your daily activities?

Welcome back to the NextSteps Coffee Break RealTalk Blog Series. This week it we are discussing, “It’s All About Perspectives!”

Think about how our perspective isn’t necessarily “the truth”, yet it may be “our truth”.

And if we step back and look at it from another viewpoint, 
...does it, 
...will it, 
...can it
… that viewpoint (“truth”) change?
It’s all about perspective.

Usually, the answer is YES!

Think about it this way, if you are someone who lives your life with the attitude of (or perspective) “the glass is half empty” - how do you view the world or what assumption do you generally have of the outcome of situations? Mostly a more negative view, right?

Now, if you stop, breathe, take a moment. 

Now, try looking at the same world and situation from a new perspective, viewpoint - “the glass is half full” - what do you see? What becomes your attitude towards the outcomes of situations? Are you feeling more positive?

Acknowledging that perspectives are a large part of ones thinking is important not just for your own mindset but in leadership as well. Realizing that how you see the situation may not be how your team, co-workers, boss, or family sees it will help you move forward effectively. Then knowing what to do with that awareness and paying attention to it makes all the difference.

What best communication tools should you use to reach everyone if you are not all on the same page - ie: don’t hold the same perspective? How will you know? As a leader, how will you provide a safe environment to allow open communication to share a different point of view? This becomes especially important as we navigate the new normal of life during the Covid19 pandemic and so many of us working remotely.

Here is what I’ve learned, in any given situation two people can experience the same exact situation differently. Each of us interprets the world through our own personal lens and spin on the world, and in order to collaborate, communicate and interact with others, effectively with compassion and empathy in both personal and professional settings, we need to remember we are all holding different perspectives. If we acknowledge them and attempt to understand them things will go smoother.

If you need some guidance figuring out to achieve this, I am here to support you. Would you like to have a virtual cup of coffee? Schedule a complimentary call and we can figure out it all out together. #strongertogether #alonetogether #momlife #workingparents #workingremotely #workhomebalance

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