How to Leverage the Power of LinkedIn

By Romy Weiss, Your NextSteps Career Coach

Do you have that friend or colleague that is connected to everyone? 

Who just tends to know what to do or how to do it or where to find the...

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Tips to Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Strengthen Your Resilience

Imposter Syndrome by definition is feeling like a fraud and hoping no one around you will find out. It's having feelings of insecurity, anxiety, not feeling good enough, fear of judgment,...

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How Perspective Can Change Your Point of View

How the smallest change in perspective can change your life. How is your current perspective holding you back? How to change your perspective so you can have the life and career of your...

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How To Show Yourself Compassion

Do you show yourself the same compassion you show others? We tend to be harder on ourselves than we are others. Would you be that harsh on your best friend? Treat yourself like you would friend.


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Are Cover Letter Necessary in 2020?

Are cover letters really necessary in today's job hunt? What if my potential employer doesn't request one? These are questions I get asked all the time about job searches. Check out my latest blog...

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Don’t Let Perfectionism Stand In Your Way | Achieve Goals and Dreams

Thanks, Kelly Clarkson for reminding us that not being perfect is more than okay. Do YOU often feel like you are stuck on the road to nowhere without a map? NextSteps Career Coach, Romy...

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How To Land A Job

Learn how to land a job. Learn how your transferable skills will help you change careers and advance your careers. Figure out how to stand out in the job search. Nail your job interview and more....

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How To Handle A Toxic Work Environment

What do you do when your work is a toxic workplace culture? Many professionals do not think they have career options. Learn your how to protect yourself when working in a toxic work environment and...

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Is It Too Late To Make A Career Change at 40?

Is it too late to make a career change midlife? If you are over 35, are you qualified to do anything else. Short answer yes. With your transferable skills. Read to learn about the best career...

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Is Work/Life Balance Possible?

Is Work/Life Balance Really Possible? Learn about this perspective & how you CAN achieve Work/Life Balance. It is a process and it’s not about creating equal scales. It’s about...

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