How to Climb the Corporate Ladder

How Do I Climb the Corporate Ladder? I seem to be stuck on the same rung. Working with a career coach means learning how to climb the corporate ladder with confidence and advancing your career. Start by getting clear on your career goals and quieting your inner critic.

How do I climb the corporate ladder with confidence?

I seem to be stuck on the same dang rung?

Why does advancing your career seem so hard? Impossible even? Sometimes it seems like everyone else but YOU is getting a raise, a promotion, or career advancement. 

What if it wasn’t hard? What if it wasn’t complicated? What if it stopped seeming impossible?

Because...It doesn’t have to be!  

Let’s talk about ways to #getahead

Be heard, seen and climb that corporate career ladder!

First, let’s keep in mind that any time we do anything that improves ourselves professionally or personally it always helps us and is always for the better.

Second, in order to advance your career you need to be clear on your career goals. What is it that you are aiming for? 

What is it that you want? 

Have you set your career goals and made a plan? This is an essential step in the career advancement process.

Third, who do you have in your driver's seat? Are you calling forth the leader in you or are you letting your inner critic to call the shots? Becoming a leader is essential in this phase because in order to take your career to the next level, you need to put your inner critic in time out and have your best self in the lead.

Helpful Hints to Advance Your Career

  1. Helpful to have a routine. Make sure you are doing daily tasks that keep you on track, productive, effective and efficient.
  2. Make investments in yourself. According to Warren Buffet, the best investment you can make is an investment in yourself! We can probably all agree he is a good source to listen to.

Think about where you want your career advancement to go - what direction you want to take and then invest in yourself in ways that help you pursue that path. What professional development do you need-- professional coach/mentor, courses, books...

Create a Vision for What you Want so you have a focus in mind (eye on the prize).

The four steps I recommend are:

    1. Vision board
    2. Journaling
    3. Goal setting
    4. Customized Structure (you do you) - see it isn’t about the specific tool, it is about finding a tool that works for you.

10 Steps to Advance Your Career from Your NextSteps Career Coach: 

  1. Believe in yourself - call forth your inner allies and leader and quiet your inner critic. 
  2. Expand your skill set and leverage it.
  3. Seek a mentor or professional coach.
  4. Networking - leverage your network and build it
  5. Join a professional organization 
  6. Try focused Work sessions - pick your sweet spot of time to really get sh*t done  (note: do not listen to the “influencers” out there that say this has to be early morning. If the early morning works for you, great. But if you are like me and don’t function well early morning, don’t select that time. YOU DO YOU!) 
  7. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. More importantly dress professionally and appropriately always. Remember you are in the professional lane.
  8. Pay attention to your Digital Footprint. Build your professional brand.
  9. Advocate for yourself. Do you have a voice at the table. Are you using it effectively? 
  10. SHOW UP! (Small things matter. Hold yourself accountable.  Do what you say you will do. Show up on time. Be reliable. Think about who you need to be in each situation and how you can be your best self. Be engaged and in the moment). 

(For expanded details on these tips, watch my RealTalk on Facebook business page: OR schedule a complimentary consultation with me. This is the framework I follow with my clients in my paid programs.. 

I work with my clients on this every day. I show then how to quiet their inner critic and tap into their Inner Greatness. I show them how to FLY!  Together we create executable and realistic action plans.

I help my clients find their why, get clarity, stop undervaluing themselves, gain career confidence & just confidence in general and start effectively communicating which leads them to accomplish their career goals, career advancement and achieving career success. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. WITH EVERY CLIENT. We use/focus on T.L.C. - Time management and Productivity. Leadership development and Career Advancement- taking your career and skills to the next level. Communication Skills-- effectively and confidently communicating your professional story, stop undervaluing yourself and building your confidence and professional brand.


What would be possible for you if you embraced that?


Stay tuned for the next article, “NextStop! How do I land my dream job?” of this career coaching educational series.

This Career Coaching Awareness Blog series, is brought to you by Romy Weiss, Your NextSteps Career Coach, CEO of NextSteps Coaching & Consulting LLC. I have recently noticed misunderstandings and misconceptions about what professional coaching actually is, specifically what career coaching is and who would best benefit from these services. It is fundamentally important to me as a professionally certified coach to debunk myths and spread awareness on the benefits and importance of professional coaching.

If you’re currently wondering what Career coaching is?

How you can benefit from Career coaching? Who needs Career Coaching? And how to tell if you are even on the career transitions pathway and how to best strategically navigate it.

Then this series is for you.

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