Is Work/Life Balance Possible?

Is Work/Life Balance Really Possible? Learn about this perspective & how you CAN achieve Work/Life Balance. It is a process and it’s not about creating equal scales. It’s about riding the teeter-totter.


Is Work/Life Balance Really Possible?

So many people, so many influencers talk about it. There are self-help books that discuss how to achieve it. Others say, it’s not possible.

If you are like many of us working parents, this working mama included, you are desperately seeking work/life balance.


If I had to guess, at any given moment you feel pulled in a million directions. You feel like you can’t catch your breath or catch up.

=> Your child is sick, work doesn’t care; there are deadlines to meet and meetings to attend.

=> You have a huge, important project at work, which coincides with the school play, back to school night, soccer tournaments, “fill in the blank with family event”.

=> Your partner has a business trip you have been invited to, you want to go but how do you cover the kids schedules and take time off of work?

 => You worked an 8+ hour day, you come home to your family responsibilities and you know there are still emails waiting for you… what do you do?  Technology is great yet how do you ever turn off?

SO how can anyone ever really find Work/Life Balance?

Is it even possible to take back control of the figurative hamster wheel of life?

Hello, I am Romy Weiss, Your NextSteps Career Transitions Coach. I guide busy, working parents on the career transitions pathway who are overwhelmed and looking to advance or change their careers, be inspired professionally and live a balanced lifestyle. I have an interesting perspective on Work/Life (really Work/Home) Balance. I have found a way to achieve it (most of the time) & I show my clients how to as well. 

The good news is, I believe it is possible.

First, you have to throw out the concept that your work/life balance is about making the scales equal. This is a false premise and why so many people never achieve balance.

Second, can we all agree that “life” encompasses everything we do so really what we are looking for a balancing our personal and professional lives. This integration is a work/home balance (what we should really be focused on). 

Want to get my Work/ Home Balance Survival Kit? Click here. I have been where you are. I totally get you. I totally get it. That is why I created this system to help! It is the system that I use to bring order to my everyday chaos as a busy working mom of three children. 

Here’s the thing, if we get away from thinking about balance as achieving equality on the scales and start to think of it as a teeter-totter it becomes a whole new playing field. Living a balanced lifestyle is fluid. It means that each side is going to need your attention. That is a given. And each side is going to need more attention at different times. If you give each side the attention it needs when it needs it and make appropriate accommodations for the other side during that time then it all evens out. When you plan ahead and prioritize you know in advance what this looks like. When you take intentional steps, you get to enjoy what are doing while you are doing. 

When you make your plan and work your plan, you can see where you are spending your time and decide what you can delegate or change. 

Hello, Work/Life Balance.

“Balance is not better time management but better boundary management. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices.” -- Betsy Jacobson

In order to live a balanced lifestyle, we need to make the choice to set boundaries and then honor them. This is a hard concept to get in the habit of doing but once you start, it becomes very comfortable. 

Why? Surprised to hear that? 

...It is because honoring our boundaries and saying NO to some things gives the space to say YES to the things we want to do.

That means we have meaningful moments. 

That means we aren’t rushing from one place to the next. We actually have time to spend where we want to be.

That means we have the physical and mental energy to apply to both our personal and professional projects and activities and people we want to spend time with and on.

What does this mean to you? Comment below. 

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