How To Land A Job

Learn how to land a job. Learn how your transferable skills will help you change careers and advance your careers. Figure out how to stand out in the job search. Nail your job interview and more. NextSteps Career Coach Romy shares how to land your dream job.


How to Land a Job

“I am feeling so defeated. I am so unhappy at work. I no longer enjoy what I do. I am not challenged by work and the people I work with are toxic. Yet I don’t think I have any skills to do anything else. I’ve been doing this job for so long.

I’ve sent resumes out, so many. I rarely hear back. If I get an interview, I never get a call back or a job offer.

It’s hopeless!”

This or some variation is what I hear often. My response is usually, well we can change the ending but first I need to hear the whole story. Please tell me your story. And while listening to each professional story, I find the golden nugget, your greatest asset that many of you don’t realize you have, your transferable skills.

By definition as the name suggestions, Transferable Skills are skills that can be transferred from one field to another. They’re often referred to as portable skills because you take them along with you from job to job. The term transferable skills collectively refers to a set of abilities that are relevant and useful in many different areas of life, they cross departments, industries and careers.

In my recent blog, “Is It Too Late To Make a Career Change at 40?”, I discussed the 5 necessary steps needed to make a career change midlife. And YES, you can successfully make a career change at any age. 

While all 5 steps are important, the one I want to focus on today, the one that is most important for smooth career transitions is Step 3, your Transferable Skills.

In order to do this there are 5 necessary steps needed to make a career change midlife. The 5 steps are listed below:

  1. Gain career clarity 
  2. Create a career search detailed, strategic and tactical action plan on how to transition out of your current position and into a new one. 
  3. Determine what your transferable skills are, distinguish your core skills and strengths and how to differentiate yourself when looking for a new job or career.
  4. Develop your career transitions plan 
  5. Confidently communicate your professional story and share your value.

 Time to Make Your Transferable Skills Checklist

Transferable skills are the gift that allows professionals to make career changes with ease. It also is what helps you climb the corporate ladder. Career advancement takes time. You don’t have to have the experience yet but it’s your transferable skills coupled with your previous work experience that lays the foundation to rise up. 

However, just having them is not enough. You have to be able to let the hiring manager know you have them and why they make you qualified. You need to be able to confidently and effectively communicate your professional story. Share your value, strengths, transferable skills and how this will benefit the company, help them move their needle forward and why you will be an asset to them. Bring this full circle. (This is all of having a comprehensive job search strategy and part the NextSteps Career Transitions Roadmap Framework).

Can you do this?

If not yet? The good news is, you can learn how!

Your transferable skills are your greatest asset.

Figuring out your transferable skills is like going on a quest. But is achievable. You might feel lost on the career transitions pathway at this point and that probably means you are on it without a roadmap or plan. Just like I wouldn’t take a trip without GPS, with all need a good navigation system. The job search is no different.

Understanding their TRANSFERABLE SKILLS is doable. But it takes time and effort. 

 Here’s the thing about transferable skills:

→ Everyone has transferable skills (hard and soft). These are strengths and skills that are used across departments, jobs and industries. We need to determine your transferable skill list.

What makes you unique? This is a question you can ask yourself to help pull out your assets that make you stand out in the crowded applicant pool.

Your success stories- what is your accomplishment list (lean into your value and own your worth. Tell your inner critic to take a time out)?

Further, think about being able to answer the following questions:

What can you do for my organization? Or my future organization?


What problems can you solve? Or will you be able to solve it?

When trying to identify your transferable skills, think cross-industry, cross-department, think skills you would use in anything or anywhere. Some broad categories might be: Basic, People, Communications, Management, Administrative, Research/Planning, Computer/Technical.

Bottom line - you want to identify several areas of expertise to take a look at when assessing your transferable skills. So ultimately you want to make a transferable skills list. And then have demonstrated examples of each. 

And a reminder for the Career Changers out there, switching careers Is NOT about starting over, you use what you have done, your personal, professional and volunteer experiences and transferable skills as your foundation and show how it’s the bridge. Then it is all about reframing your skill set to align with the job or career you are after.

Career One Stop gives some examples: 

Transferable Skill



Writing, speaking, listening, using communication tools like email appropriately

Critical thinking

Analysis, problem-solving, strategic planning, decision-making


Good time manager, organized, motivated, responsible, reliable


Understanding, diplomatic, discreet, supportive, assertive

NOTE: I would add that you should demonstrate examples of your success stories for each of those examples of the transferable skills you have. And notice that some of those skills are ones you can learn and others are ones that are inherent.

Here is the thing, what I most often find is that the place individuals have the most discomfort is talking about themselves. Remember, it is your job to show the hiring manager why they should hire you, not why they shouldn’t. A resume with transferable skills gets noticed. It gets through the crowded applicant pool. Remember the key is to be noticed. The key is to get the job interview. Each step leads to the next one. 

Helping my clients step into their value and find a comfortable way to tell their success stories confidently and effectively is why their resumes are getting them through the crowded applicant pool, why they are being offered interviews, nailing interviews and landing dream job offers. Using your transferable skills is what connects your dots and bridges the areas where you think that you don’t have any business applying. YOU ARE QUALIFIED.

This is where career coaching comes into serious play. While there are no guarantees of outcomes, your rate of return significantly increases when working with a professional career advisor. Think about the other places in your life where you would invest in guidance to increase your rate of success, productiveness, effectiveness, and accountability.

Your career success should be no different. I see this often. I see so many professionals struggling on their career transitions journey. Therefore, as one of the ways I help professionals on the career transitions journey is through a course. It is self-paced for the busy and ambitious jobseeker, who wants to make a career change - that could be advancement or pivot but doesn't know how to fit it in. This course is custom made for you.

NextStop: Land Your Dream Career! 

NEXTSTOP: Land Your Dream Career! Course takes you from being stuck on the same rung of the corporate ladder & shows you how to climb it. It gives you all the tools you need to navigate the career transition path plus the support yet it’s self-paced SO it’s structured for the busy professional. It is truly the best of both worlds.

A self-paced course where you’re given the complete & proven roadmap to a comprehensive (tactical & strategic) job search for ambitious professionals ready to land their #dreamjobs with ease. Snapshot: Lifetime access to a private membership site to keep all your trainings and documents in one organized place.

βœ”οΈ 12 downloadable modules to walk you through step by step the complete roadmap so you can create all the customized documents you need for a job search (ie: how to beat the bots resume, cover letter, elevator pitch, know your why…)

βœ”οΈ Over 12 training videos to help you successfully navigate teh career transitions pathway so that you can clearly understand what you need to execute your strategic, tactical and effective job search.

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For the premium and platinum levels of enrollment:

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βœ”οΈ Two live group coaching calls with the opportunity for hot seat coaching and clarity to move forward with ease. (bi-monthly)

I will guide you so that you no longer at a career crossroads but in a place where you love what you do and do what you love!

πŸ‘‰Take the first step, click the link: no risk, no cost:  We can chat about if this course is the best fit for you and how you get where YOU WANT to be on your career journey.

Let me be your GPS system on your career transitions and job search. I know the way. I have a roadmap, The NextSteps Career Transitions Roadmap.

“By working with Romy, I was no longer underselling myself. I could now clearly articulate my value and share my professional story comfortably and confidently. I then started getting interviews. I believe it’s because I started following the NextSteps Career Transitions Roadmap.” - PW

Everything you need to know for a successful job search is in this program.

Learn how to land your dream career even when your resume is overlooked, you're not getting offers or you feel lost with the job hunt.


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RealTalk on the Blog is brought to you by Romy Weiss, Your NextSteps Career Coach, CEO of NextSteps Coaching & Consulting LLC. If you are trying to navigate the career transitions pathway while still wanting to have a fully balanced life then Romy is the Career Transitions Professional Certified Coach for you. Romy has gone on to support men and women on their career transitions journey. She will meet them where ever they are and navigate them to their desired career success.  Her specialty is enabling, guiding, and empowering adults who are at a career crossroads to advance, change, return to and reinvent their careers thereby finding work/life balance. Work/life integration is something she considers herself an expert in as she runs her own business through NextSteps Coaching and Consulting, LLC, while also finding balance in running a busy household. Romy teaches adults how to build confidence and effectively communicate their story while leaning into their value. She helps you clarify your career goals, build your career confidence, advance your career (climb that corporate ladder, break glass ceilings and get promotions) and land dream jobs. Being a strong leader is core to advancing your career and is true regardless of what role you hold in an organization. She teaches you the tools to hone your leadership skills and access the inner leader in you. Additionally, for organizations, she provides organizational development, enhances team alignment, and improves engagement and retention.

PS: Even if this isn’t you, do you know someone who it pertains to? Please feel free to share.

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