How To Handle A Toxic Work Environment

What do you do when your work is a toxic workplace culture? Many professionals do not think they have career options. Learn your how to protect yourself when working in a toxic work environment and what your career choices are.


How Do You Handle A Toxic Work Environment?

What do do when you work in a toxic workplace culture?

Are YOU wishing your work situation was different, but don’t think any better options are out there. 

This is a myth we tell ourselves, that there aren’t any better options there. One of the main reasons clients want to switch jobs or the organizations they work in is due to the work culture, yet the reason they are most hesitant is because they are worried that they will end up in the same type of environment or worse.

They tend to figure at least I know what to expect where I am, or why bother moving on since its bad everywhere type attitude.

Can you relate?

Here’s the thing, this is not based on facts or truth. Yes there are plenty of companies that have toxic work environments. We all can share our “work war stories,” but for every toxic story I can share a positive workplace culture story as well.  

A core part of the NextSteps Career Transitions Roadmap process is vetting new organizations. Asking hard questions to see what the work culture is like, as well as doing research on the organization before the interview can help settle these nerves.

Case in point:

“Thank you! I am so happy in my new position and organization. They actually appreciate and acknowledge us!” —SP, client

This is about one of the best messages I could receive from my clients. It is what I hope for each of them when we are focused on career transitions and advancement. When they land their dream jobs, I only want them to thrive and when they do, I do a happy dance. Seriously!

So many of my clients come to me wanting to change careers or positions due to a toxic work environment. There are strategic parts to the NextSteps Career Transitions Roadmap that specifically look to address work environment and workplace culture and hopefully weed out “bad seeds” or toxic workplace cultures.

But like with anything in life, there are not full-proof methods. So we take a leap a faith with each acceptance. And when my client calls me to tell me how happy she is, how she is 60 days in and receiving excellent reviews and being offered leadership opportunities and that the organization is a great place to work. I know the system works.

It also proves that there are still companies out there that do believe in employee engagement; that do believe in treating people well. 

So now that we know there are companies out there with positive work cultures and it possible to handle and change an existing toxic work environment, let’s talk about your options if you are ready to get out.

  1. First thing to look at is the situation the entire organization toxic or is it your department? If it is your department, can you switch departments - potentially speak to someone in the Human Resources Department? Or is it the entire company culture, in which case it is time to start thinking about starting the career transition and looking for a new position.

  2. While you are working in this type of toxic environment, it is important to remember it is not about you personally. Although it feels very personal do whatever you can to keep things as positive in your small world as possible. Be the one to pat someone on the back. It will come back to you. I give my clients the resources to protect themselves with an invisible shield, and want you to do the same. Protecting yourself at work will help you trust that even though you are in this situation, you ultimately have the decision to do something about it.

  3. Have stress relievers in place. Self-care is especially important and critical at times like this. What this will look like for each person will differ.

  4. Work with a professional coach to help you deal with your current situation and more efficiently manage your career transition. (Shameless plug here. Let’s chat.)

  5. We all have inner resources - strengths - but we don’t always tap into them. These inner allies allow us to show up as our best self in different situations. In these situations we need our allies more than ever and we need to quiet our inner critic (he loves to show up here)!

Who do you need to be right now to be your best self? 

To show your talent, step into your value, be focused and hold yourself be the best version of you, and to manage surviving a toxic work environment.

I work with clients every day and regardless of what their desired goal is, this is the core to achieving it. Being able to tap into YOUR OWN INNER GREATNESS.

I work with my clients on this. I hold my clients accountable for their dreams and goals. We create executable and realistic action plans. I love helping clients find their why, get clarity, stop undervaluing themself, gain career confidence and start effectively communicating which leads them to accomplishing their career goals and achieve career success. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. WITH EVERY CLIENT.


What would be possible for you if that was you?  What if you could manage working in the toxic work environment better until you could transitions out? 

GOOD NEWS… I am sharing a FREE  3-Part Video Series to help with just this.  “How to Handle a Toxic Work Environment (without turning your entire career and life inside out)”

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I look forward to seeing you during series. 

This Career Coaching Awareness Blog series, is brought to you by Romy Weiss, Your NextSteps Career Coach, CEO of NextSteps Coaching & Consulting LLC. If you are trying to navigate the career transitions pathway while still wanting to have a fully balanced life.

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P.S. Even if this isn’t you, do you know someone who it pertains to? Please feel free to share.  

I am sharing a FREE 3-part Video Series to professionals in toxic work cultures.  

“How to Handle a Toxic Work Environment (without turning your entire career and life inside out)”

3-part video series to empower you to make small changes that will better your experience at work and with fellow employees

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